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Apr 112011

Rather than just posting a bullet list of “miraculous” cleansing foods,  what I will attempt to do here is convey a basic understanding of how different foods afffect the body.  As well as “cleansing foods,” I will also include a list of foods that may hamper your cleansing efforts.  As I do you will notice common themes.  Some of this information is available elsewhere on the web,  some is available in library books,  and some are recommendations that you will recognize if you’ve ever looked at the dietary instructions contained alongside various colon cleansing products.  Let’s get started.

As many of you know,  we all live in a toxic world.  Depending on where we live and how we eat,  our level of toxins will vary.  Pollution,  pesticides,  even pharmaceutical drugs in the drinking water are now starting to be recognized as the cause of poor health in many individuals.  Though we will never again live in a perfectly clean world,  there are things we can do to naturally coax the toxins from our bodies.  Though there are many cleansing products available,  our diet is the first line of defense against toxins.

Even as we are bombarded by these toxic substances,  our body is always doing it’s part to eliminate them.  And this has nothing to do with the different detox products that are available today.  They can be useful,  but it’s important to understand that what we eat,  as well as what we don’t eat,  can play an important role in the bodies natural cleansing process.

Foods to Avoid

  • Meat-Actually,  you don’t have to give up meat.  Just cut down on it,  there are many protein alternatives out there such as nuts and beans.  These cleansing foods also help increase your fiber intake.  Also try to eat more fish.
  • Dairy-Dairy is considered a health food by many because it is a good source of calcium.  But dairy products,  mostly milk and cheese,  slow transit time through the digestive tract.  This can cause constipation and bloating.  The best choice in dairy products are the fermented dairy products such as live culture yogurt,  kefir,  and sour cream.
  • Salt-Salt,  as most people know,  makes the body retain water.  It also raises blood pressure.  You will have a hard time flushing toxins if you’re always puffed up.
  • Processed carbohydrates-Mainly,  white flower-these also cause constipation,  as well as promoting candida overgrowth.  Many programs call for the elimination of grains altogether.
  • Starchy vegetagles-(such as potatos) These are low in fiber and high in starch,  and remember,  yeast loves starch.
  • Artificial additives and preservatives-These are toxins in and of themselves.

Cleansing Foods

  • Non starchy vegetables-Think broccile,  cauliflauer,  brussel sprouts,  bell peppers,  onions,  mushrooms,  etc…  These cleansing foods mainly consist of water,  fiber,  and essential nutrients.  They contribute to regularity,  and help the organs to function properly.
  • Berries-These contain fiber,  and lower levels of sugar than many fruits…Antioxidants galore!
  • Lemon and grapefruit-These are staples of the “Healing diet”  and are thought to help the body detoxify.  Lemon is also a great substitute for salt.
  • Leafy greens-The chlorophyl in leafy greens is thought to be beneficial for body cleansing.  The high levels of magnesium present contributes to regularity.
  • Hot spices-These increase blood flow,  and are thought to increase metabolism. (Cayenne pepper, red pepper flakes, etc…)
  • Raw apple cider vinegar-An excellent alternative to salt.  Also contains probiotic bacteria.

And the #1 cleansing food is…

WATER!  While this is not a food,  even the mainstream experts agree that this is the single most important ingredient for the bodies natural detox process.  There is a good amount of debate about how much water we should drink everyday,  but if your urine is a deep yellow color,  then you are dehydrated.  Cleansing programs,  colon detox,  cleansing foods-none of this will matter if you neglect nature’s most important natural cleanser.